$9 DropMix Playlist Pack Rock (Ouroboros) Toys Games Games Accessories DropMix Playlist Max 49% OFF Pack Rock Ouroboros DropMix Playlist Max 49% OFF Pack Rock Ouroboros $9 DropMix Playlist Pack Rock (Ouroboros) Toys Games Games Accessories DropMix,$9,(Ouroboros),knheng.com,Rock,Toys Games , Games Accessories,/catenae1783365.html,Playlist,Pack DropMix,$9,(Ouroboros),knheng.com,Rock,Toys Games , Games Accessories,/catenae1783365.html,Playlist,Pack

DropMix Playlist Max 49% OFF Pack Recommended Rock Ouroboros

DropMix Playlist Pack Rock (Ouroboros)


DropMix Playlist Pack Rock (Ouroboros)

Product description

DropMix lets you play music like never before! This fast-paced music mixing game gives you a new way to collect, discover and combine your favorite tracks. Compete with your friends and create ever-changing, unexpected song mixes! Keep the music pumping with multiple ways to play: freestyle, clash, and party.

The Rock "Ouroboros" playlist comes with 15 DropMix cards plus 1 hidden track card. This playlist features music from: Blink-182, Ed Sheeran, Evanescence, Panic! At the Disco, Walk the Moon, Weezer, and more. DropMix Music Gaming System required (sold separately). Look for more Playlist Packs featuring pop, hip-hop, electronic, and more music styles to expand your mix. Each pack sold separately. Subject to availability.

Developed in collaboration with Harmonix Music Systems, Inc., creators of Rock Band and Dance Central. DropMix and all related terms are trademarks of Harmonix Music Systems, Inc. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

DropMix Playlist Pack Rock (Ouroboros)


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